Ilsky Oil Refinery is interested in cooperation with professional and talented specialists who are ready to grow and develop together with the company. The company eager to invest in professional development of the personnel and is ready to support any initiatives leading to production growth and effective management.

Among the main social goals of the Refinery are effective working environment and professional growth of the employees, development of corporate culture and competitive wages of the personnel.

The social policy of KNGK-INPZ priorities the following:

  • Improving the working and resting conditions of the employees
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle and disease prevetion
  • Guarantees of social benefits and social protection

The company constantly improves working conditions, safety, ecology, industrial sanitation and hygiene in all divisions. Every year all the employees have to attend medical examinations and are welcome to get free flu vaccines.

The Refinery has a canteen that serves workers hot meals. The employees can easily get to and from the refinery using one of the daily shift-buses.

The company alsoencourages a healthy lifestyle. Thus, there is a well-equiped gym and different sporting events are regularly held within a year. It has become a good tradition to hold the annual Spartakiad on the Day of Oil and Gas Workers.