OOO “KNGK-INPZ” is now implementing a large-scale modernization programme of Ilsky Oil Refinery with an aim of creating a new enterprise that would be in the forefront of the oil refining and petrochemical industry in the South of Russia. The plant development programme provides for the stepwise commissioning of new processing units as well as infrastructure and welfare facilities.

The construction of AT-6 unit (3.6 mln TPA) as well as commissioning of the Complex for the production of gasolines and aromatic hydrocarbons (KPAAU) (1,520 thousand TPA) will allow KNGK-INPZ to increase its processing capacity from 3 to 6.6 mln TPA by the end of the year 2021 and to obtain Euro 5 gasolines and individual aromatic hydrocarbons by 2024. KPAAU will ensure the output of the following commercial products:

  • Gasoline Euro 5 (92) / GOST 32513-2013
  • Gasoline Euro 5 (95) / GOST 32513-2013
  • Xylene / GOST 9410-78 (A)
  • Automobile propane-butane / GOST Р 52087-2007
  • Commercial butane / GOST Р 52087-2007

The construction of AT-6 and the Complex for the production of gasolines and aromatic hydrocarbons (KPAAU) at Ilsky Oil Refinery will be implemented in compliance with all the requirements of ecological safety and environmental legislation of Russia. This fact is confirmed by the positive conclusion of the state environmental impact assessment.

The modernization of Ilsky Oil Refinery is being carried out within the framework of the investment agreement between the management of OOO “KNGK-INPZ” and the Administration of the Krasnodar Region signed on February 16, 2018 at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The expansion of Ilsky Oil Refinery will help the plant to create over 1,000 jobs and to significantly increase its contributions to all levels of budgets, which will have a general positive effect on the social and economic development of the Krasnodar Region.