The slogan of Ilsky Oil Refinery sounds as “Progress in harmony with nature”. Ensuring ongoing protection of the environment as well as minimising environmental impact is a key principle of the company’s industrial safety management system in accordance with environmental legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our company consider all the potential environmental risks and makes the most to prevent the operational impact on people and local nature.

The Refinery pays great attention to improve its safety culture and uses brand new technologies as well as equipment.

The environmental safety of the refining process is enhanced by:

  • environmental monitoring and control
  • the sustainable use and protection of resources
  • waste management and the protection of land resources
  • full control of the Company’s contractors activity

A certified laboratory of the Refinery continuously monitors local environment. The current program of refinery’s modernization sticks to Environmental safety regulations that will minimize any impact and eliminate longstanding and cumulative environmental damage during the construction and operation of the Refinery.

Regular safety activities:

  • ensuring safe working conditions
  • sustainable use of the resources and environmental-friendly performance
  • landscaping and maintaining a favorable natural environment