The slogan of Ilsky Oil Refinery sounds as “Progress in harmony with nature.” Preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources as well as observerance of legislation of the Russian Federation are major principles of KNGK-INPZ.
Our company estimates all the potential environmental risks and makes the most to prevent the negative impact of operation activities on the personnel and population of contiguous territories.
Environmental safety is ensured by using brand new technologies and equipment as well.
The environmental component of the oil refining process is enhanced by:
  •  environmental control;
  •  environmental protection;
  •  wastes treatment;
  •  control of contractors’ activity.
The refinery continuously monitors its environment by means of a certified laboratory. In addition, the current program of refinery’s modernisation goes strictly in accordance with the regulations aimed to minimize eclogical impact and guarantee proper environmental requirements during the construction and operation of the
Redular environmental measures:
  • minimize pollutants;
  • regular training programmes on sustainable use of the resources and friendly-environment performance;
  • site landscaping