KNGK-INPZ hands over PPE to regional healthcare centres

As part of the measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus infection in the region, KNGK-INPZ (Ilsky Oil Refinery) purchased PPE for the healthcare institutions of the region that help patients with suspected coronavirus infection and those with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

Three brand new lung ventilation apparatuses and a pulsed ultraviolet mobile unit for disinfection have been transferred to S.V. Ochapovsky Krasnodar Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, one of the biggest health care centres in the region.

In addition, around 300 protective overalls, 245 respirators and 455 filter respirators have been purchased for the healthcare workers of the Krasnodar City Emergency Hospital.

The Refinery backs the healthcare workers of the Seversky Central Regional Hospital with more than 2,800 respirators, 1,500 medical gloves and 700 protective overalls.

Moreover, full facepiece respirators with filters and 274 special Deltachem overalls protecting against infectious particles, liquid chemicals and radioactive contamination have been delivered to a new infectious hospital in Maykop (Republic of Adygea).

“During this tough period of pandemic the employees of the refinery want to acknowledge their responsibility and to thank the healthcare workers as well as to support them with the most essential nowadays – medical equipment and PPE of high quality”, Yury Shamara, the President of KNGK-INPZ added.