KNGK-INPZ purchases a modern lung ventilator for the citizens of Krasnodar

Fighting against coronavirus, KNGK-INPZ (Ilsky Oil Refinery) purchased one of the most advanced and powerful devices for effective artificial lungs ventilation Respironics V680 (Philips) for The S.V. Ochapovsky Krasnodar Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1. The respirating unit is ready for use and helps to cure people with severe respiratory system complications caused by COVID-19.

According to the President of KNGK-INPZ, Yury Shamara, the company and the regional hospital have a long-standing relationship which has helped to save many lives. In the period of a steep rise in a new disease for humanity, the management of the company considers its civic duty to contribute to a speedy recovery of people by transferring the most modern ALV equipment to one of the leading hospitals in the region.

– What is more important nowadays is not to isolate yourself from others’ trouble and not to be indifferent. We want to help the infected and to support medical personnel who risk their lives to save others.