Fire Drill at Ilsky Oil Refinery

In April 2018, Ilsky Oil Refinery conducted a fire drill and evacuation of staff with an aim to ensure they know all the necessary procedures to be followed in case of emergency as well as evacuation routes and how to use them effectively. During the drill the staff practiced all the skills required to escape from the buildings quickly and safely without injuring themselves or others in case of fire, while the maintenance team examined the technical condition of the fire protection equipment. The employees of Ilsky Oil Refinery demonstrated a good understanding of emergency actions to be taken in case of smoke or fire detection as well as further actions when the fire alarm goes off. Smoke detection and fire alarm systems functioned properly. Then, the staff of the internal firefighting service conducted a fire drill in the tank farm using special fire-extinguishing equipment. The drill was carried out in accordance with the schedule approved by the Director General of Ilsky Oil Refinery.

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