Honeywell company optimized process control at Ilsky Refinery. Industrial Automation division of Honeywell Corporation (NYSE: HON) has announced installation of Experion HS process automation system based on HC 900 controllers at Ilsky Refinery. Honeywell solution enables an increase in efficiency and performance of oil refining unit operator. Honeywell has supplied a complete scope of services for construction of unified integrated Experion HS production control system based on HC 900 hybrid controllers at the facility of Ilsky Refinery. The Honeywell solution is operating successfully at AT-5 oil refining unit with capacity of 1.8 mln tons. Experion HS control system based on HC 900 hybrid controllers meets requirements to control and data collection at the AT unit, thus maintaining stable and efficient operation of control and monitoring systems.
“Experion HS enables the use of many advantages of our front-end Experion PKS control system at a smaller scale for customers needing new functional capacities,” says Aleksey Zenkevich, head of Industrial Automation division of Honeywell. Experion HS solution includes a number of Experion PKS components required to form a special-purpose functional automation system for low- and medium-scale facilities in a number of industries.
Experion HS technology improves functioning of operation units, thus optimizing work processes and expanding access to key production parameters and data. Owing to increased performance of operators, Experion HS technology would help to meet growing demand for refinery production in the region.